Biography of DIE HARD

PROMO 2008







In November 2005 Harry (bass) formed a band with the intention of bringing the spirits of the past back to life. The goal was to play old-school thrash metal in the vein of Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Exodus, Possessed, Sodom. One year later, after many line-up changes, a band consisting of Harry, Hasse (guitar/vocals), Micke (guitar) and Nicke (drums) started rehearsing. In February 2007 Die Hard entered studio Hell for the recording of their debut-demo ”Emissaries of the Reaper”, which later on was released as a 7″ EP by Germany’s Anger of Metal records. In January 2008 Micke and Nicke decided to leave Die Hard and were replaced by H-kan (drums). After a few months of intense rehearsing the trio entered Studio Blueflame to record the MCD ”Evil Always Return”. In connection with the release of ”Evil Always Return” Die Hard played at Maiden Massacre in Oslo with Obscurity/Watain/Nifelheim.

PROMO 2009







In august 2008 Die Hard sign to Polish label AGONIA Records. 2009 start out with release Mercenaries of hell and toured ”Blitzkrieg over Germany” before once again focusing on Writing new material, this time for the debut full-length album ”Nihilistic Vision” released on Agonia Records 31 October 2009. October 2010 the new line-up and Die Hard was again a four-piece band Ken on drummer, and an extra guitar, handled by Simon, was added to the band. Three new assaults will be released in the span of one year. First out, 31st October, is the five years anniversary EP ”Thrash Them All” In conjunction with the release of Thrash Them All were we play one gig with Brazilian VULCANO in our hometown Uppsala.


PROMO 2011








In February 2011 we went out on a European tour as special guest at SODOM.Hassan left the band after the tour ends and we kicked out Ken and replaced him with Perra, you find him also play in bands like Destroyer 666 and Nominon and Harry and Simon handle the vocals. April 11 was released DIE HARD fourth 7 inch EP ”Hatred’s black flame” 2011 start out with release releasing Hatred´s Black Flame 7” and once again focusing on writing  new material with the new line-up, this time for the second full-length album ”Conjure The Legions” released on Agonia Records 25 September 2012.


Line-up 2011